Filipino blackjack scam, Phnom Penh: here’s where they live

As everyone should know by now, the Filipino blackjack scammers are dangerous, nasty scum. If you’re walking down the Riverside or by the palace or the park and an Asian person calls out to you, “Hey, I like your hat!” (shoes, camera, scarf…), DO NOT ANSWER, just walk on by. Because they want to invite you back to their place for a meal (don’t believe it!) where you’ll be invited to pay blackjack, and after you lose you’ll be taken to an ATM to clean out your account (“pay what you owe us”) and maybe have to hand over that phone and camera and even phone your mother to send money. They are not nice people. Someday I’d love to ask the Tourist Police, or maybe the FBI at US Embassy, why they’re still around after several decades, but I guess I know the answer to that one.

Anyway, a Good Samaritan has sent me the following photos of their house, address and motorbike. Yes, they can and probably will change all of them, but until they do:

oWzgwjl IghsYuc EO8v9fi

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