Tim Hallinan’s Herbie’s Game wins prize

5F7n2Sz7xKoa5u8oMd0zrAlcLxCHdlsVcOyanuTUkgRU_bJHEP-XfZ6amfS5FpZ_KvSVhkuV9azj0RFJWzdhIWvj09HqdYH66N9sYkbBlXKDJMi2Byty3sz7AL_J_EDCwO2yJI28UgMxTyu78CB14YILYUu35bZYbMp705xwk-6j3okTQO4Al_3npMl1807mFEo99k7YsDj9P1F8FMJutGGILATim Hallinan’s Herbie’s Game has won the Lefty (it’s a prize) for Best Humorous Mystery Novel 2014. This is a Big Deal. Get yours at Kindle here.

And The Hot Countries, No.7 in Tim’s Bangkok Poke Rafferty series, is due out in October – pre-order from Kindle.



If you haven’t started the Junior Bender series, the first is called Crashed and is available on special for $1.99 until the end of July (same link as above, and actually listed as $1.93 right now, though God knows why).

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.11.08 PMI’ve asked Tim when Poke is going to come to Cambodia, and though he says it’s not on the cards, I live in hope.


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