“Shoes” – must-see video

Screen-shot from "Shoe".

Screen-shot from “Shoe”.

From this week’s Phnom Penh Weekly, a (very) short video-movie by Doeurn Chev from the Bophana Centre’s “One Dollar” project.

This film, “Shoes” , focuses on a 13 year old boy, Sophea, who lives with his family in Phnom Penh’s iconic White Building. With the family income below the poverty line, Sophea’s father cannot afford to send him to school. Despite this barrier, Sophea wears his school uniform every day and tries to make enough money to go to school by playing the ‘shoe game’ with neighbouring children. … At times gritty, at times heartening, the videos capture the daily struggle that so many face in Cambodia.

The link to the online video is here. (Why does everyone always call the White Building “iconic”? Seems the place can’t be separated from the adjective).